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Hello! We are Spring, and we are 5 years old!

Hello! We are Spring, and we are 5 years old!

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RazanThursday, November 1, 2012 - 17:43

We've been springing web and mobile apps to life for a little over five years! And since we haven't done much marketing on our old website we're going to try to sum up what we've been up to in this short blog post!

We've serviced over 40 brands. Launched over 40 websites. 20+ of which were new online products. 10+ of which were startups.

We started development in Code Igniter, Drupal and WordPress, played with Symfony for a bit but we liked Yii much more.

We've been around since Drupal 4.x and Code Igniter 1.x.

We did product development with start-up founders and "Intrepreneurs" in big enterprises, we devised web strategies for dozens of websites.

Check what we've recently built and how we've built it!

We started with one developer back in June 2007 and today we are 12. We even have a dedicated Android and iOS development team! Meet us

Our work with entrepreneurs and our own web venture experiments has repeatedly confirmed our passion for staring things up, and our knowledge has grown with every project.
In the process, we also learned that there are reoccurring issues and obstacles that entrepreneurs face. Some of these issues are universal, but some seem to be specific to our region. So in the spirit of knowledge sharing, we have compiled a list of traps that many startups fall into when working on their products. Consider them pointers to keep in mind for a better chance at success!

We're cooking three startups in our kitchen as we speak and excited to help their founders show them before end of this year!

Got a web or mobile project that needs to spring to life? Talk to us!

Let us know what you think of our new website!