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We made it to 9 years!

We made it to 9 years!

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RazanMonday, August 22, 2016 - 13:14

We made it to 9 years!

Nine years spent springing web and mobile apps to life and it’s been one exciting journey!

In June 2007, we marched on our mission then of making the web more social for our clients and our own products way before Facebook and Twitter were global household names. Three years on we helped create and launch the region’s first and only entrepreneurial hub Wamda. By then smartphones were growing in adoption so we hired our first mobile team whom helped create Sowt, a regional voice powered social network platform on the web, iOS and Android. 

Today, the game is changing,  we no longer need to be just social and mobile; we need to create experiences that give context to where we are and who we want talk to, be it the spaces around us or the things we use so now more than ever the new digital experiences need to be smart companions to everyday activities. With this vision in mind we created AliveSpaces a full stack proximity platform for any space to engage their visitors and manage their interactive and marketing needs. 

As we continue to march on creating more relevant human digital experiences; we invite you to check the latest digital properties we've sprung into life.