Our decades-long experience of helping entrepreneurs & executives launch their digital products on top of our own product experiments and observations has helped us accumulate a set of very useful real-world know-how of what works and what doesn’t and what it takes to launch and grow successful digital products. 

Razan Khatib, our co-founder leads our product strategy and management practice. She loves working with founders to build and grow their digital products!

Razan shares her thoughts from time to time on our blog on Medium:

How to harness the wisdom of online communities | Creating value for your early users  |  The wheel of traction  |  Ideation: When to decide if an idea is worth your investment? 

Coaching & Workshops

Product Management Coaching

The startup coaching sessions are designed to support you in dealing with your product & business challenges whether pre-launch or through your product-market-fit stage. We will work on your product strategy, discovery methods and experiments, features prioritization, roadmap, user on-boarding optimization, user activation and retention. Text Razan to get learn more!


Product Strategy Workshop

Whether you are thinking of creating a new digital product or in need of enhancing an existing one, your team will benefit from a product strategy workshop where together we will re-think the problems or opportunities, customer segmentation and suggested solutions then build them up again with agility and a well-thought-of roadmap of goals & initiatives to better invest and move forward. The workshop will take several sessions during which research, user interviews, data analysis, and insights will be reviewed and discussed extensively before the full strategy is formed by the whole team. Get started!


Product Experience Strategy 

Nothing has more real potential to set your product/service apart from the competition than a well thought of researched product experience strategy to help take your customers on their journey through your solution and solve their pain. In a region where users are being exposed to well-optimized and delightful user experiences by huge global digital product brands, nothing justifies delivering a below-par one to your customers. The best approach to PX that delivers results should start with your business goals, with updated market research, lock your value innovation and set the essential elements for creating a delightful experience for your product users. Get started!



Launch web & mobile experiences that can grow your customer's engagement with your brand.

App Design & Development
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Develop and ship your initial delightful and robust app, platform or experience to market.

Product Design & Development
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